London, England

The last time I wore a tuxedo was for my junior high school prom in 1977. It was green and had ruffles. And I had a full head of hair, parted straight down the middle.

The BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards ceremony, held under an enormous dinosaur skeleton in London’s Museum of Natural History, was significantly more dignified.

And I didn’t have to drink in the parking lot.

I can only reiterate how flattered, honored and insanely lucky I was to pick up the first two prizes in the Underwater World competition. I want to send a heartfelt thanks to all of the photographers, editors, judges and museum visitors who made us feel so welcome.

Photograph courtesy of Adriana Basques


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  1. Fanus says:

    I see your hair is still parted. Straight down the middle!

  2. Fanus says:

    That was just me being super jealous of the award you got! Great stuff & congrats!!!

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