2015 Hudson Bay Expedition – The View from Above

This changes everything. Like most boys, I dreamt of flying. My young nights filled with aerial adventures that come crashing to earth with the morning alarm. And like most men, I lacked the ambition, attention span or available stockpile of cash to make those dreams a reality. These days, most of my flying dreams are […]

2015 Hudson Bay Expedition – Technology is my Friend

I’m not ashamed to say that technology is my friend. Some days, it feels like the only one I have out here. The wilderness here is vast and seemingly empty, but I as I motor along, I’m safely nestled in my glowing informational cocoon. My Garmin GPS chart plotter silently communes with the satellites overhead, […]

Hudson Bay Expedition – Tour the Boat

This boat. This 22-foot floating fiberglass money pit. For the summer it’s my home, my office and my bedroom. It’s also my jail cell and my ticket to adventure, my shelter through the storms to come and my private little shop of horrors. I’ve often compared her to a VW camper of the sea, but […]

Fun Interview on PocketWizard Blog

Paul Souders + PocketWizard radios + Grizzlies = Awesome Paul Souders’ grandmother wasn’t a woman of means per se, but she did manage to squirrel away enough scratch every year to fly off to someplace she’d never been before. Watching her slide shows was Paul Souders’ introduction to, and some may say addiction to, travel […]

See Different

Our world is saturated with images. We are drowning under thousands upon millions of photographs. Everyone with an iPhone is now a professional photographer. Anyone with an Instagram account can instantly turn their snapshots into snapshots masquerading as fine art. Over the years, I’ve devoted myself to doing things the hard way. Why go on […]

Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Over the years, I have photographed lions from every angle and situation I can imagine. Lion sleeping. Lions hunting. Lions fighting. Lions f***ing. Lions sleeping some more. But I’m almost always working from the safety of a four wheel drive safari truck. It’s not just because I’m scared silly of the things. Though maybe I […]

Katmai National Park, Alaska

There has never been a better time to be a nature photographer. In the last decade, we have witnessed a revolution in digital photo technology. Guided tours travel to wilderness areas that were once the sole province of National Geographic and BBC film crews. There has never been a worse time to make a living […]