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Iceberg Portfolio

London’s Daily Mail newspaper has just published an online gallery of iceberg images. Click here to see the entire gallery.    

Svalbard, Norway

A large male Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) swims along the coastline near Sallyhamna (Sally Bay) on an early summer day. Photographed at Sallyhamna on Spitsbergen Island July 8, 2011 with Canon 1D IV with 600mm f/4 lens at ISO 200 Purchase Fine Art Print | License Image

New South Wales, Australia

I walked into the pub and asked the bartender, “Is it always like this outside?” It must have been something in my eyes, or maybe the orange hair, face and clothes, but I diverted his attention from pouring beers long enough to peek out the front door. He called back into the bar, “C’mon and […]