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Masai Mara, Kenya

One question I’m often asked is, where is your favorite place? I should have a quick and easy answer, but it always feels like picking your favorite child. They’re all different, and special in their own way. Maybe I don’t need to go back to visit the kids hurling rocks at me in Gaza, peel […]

Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Over the years, I have photographed lions from every angle and situation I can imagine. Lion sleeping. Lions hunting. Lions fighting. Lions f***ing. Lions sleeping some more. But I’m almost always working from the safety of a four wheel drive safari truck. It’s not just because I’m scared silly of the things. Though maybe I […]

Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Compressed telephoto view of blending stripes of Plains Zebra (Equus burchelli) standing together on savanna. Photographed September 1, 2009 with a Canon EOS-1D III camera and 600mm f/4 lens. Exposure 1/1250 seconds at f/4. Purchase Fine Art Print | License Image

Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya

A large male Lion (Panthera leo) runs through tall grass on savanna on the scent of a Cheetah’s kill in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. Photographed February 24, 2001 with a Canon EOS-1 camera and 600mm f/4 lens on Fujichrome Velvia slide film. Purchase Fine Art Print | License Image