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Published Work – Wild Planet Photo Magazine

  Keith Wilson, editor at Wild Planet Photo Magazine, showed considerable patience and forbearance waiting for me to come up with a list of seven “Wild Wonders” of the natural world. I think the hardest part was narrowing my list down to only seven favorite places. For the record, here’s my list in no particular […]

Published Work – Ranger Rick Magazine

  My grandmother, God rest her soul, took an interest in my family’s education. I think she feared, not without reason, that growing up in the rural Pennsylvania countryside might leave us with certain disadvantages; social, educational, cultural. Each year she bought the family a subscriptions to a selection of kids’ magazines for the four […]

Published Work – The Independent

Lord knows, it’s been a long time coming, but I am, at long last, slowly breathing life back into the WorldFoto blog. Today’s post shares a recent clip from UK’s The Independent newspaper, which featured my image of a Gentoo Penguin caught in flight near Port Lockroy, along the Antarctic Peninsula. The image is part […]

Published Work – Weg Magazine, South Africa

Thanks to my good friend Fanus Weldhagen for sending over a recent copy of Weg Magazine, which used one of my underwater bear images as a two-page spread.  

Animal Planet – Finding Bigfoot Shoot

Finding Bigfoot. No. Really. Published in the New York Times Arts section, shot on assignment for The Animal Planet. Click here to read the entire article.

Lonely Planet East Africa

Lonely Planet recently licensed one of my favorite Lion images from Kenya’s Masai Mara for use on the cover of their East Africa Guide. Photographed September 22, 2006 using a Canon 5D camera and 500mm f/4 lens. Purchase Fine Art Print | License Stock Image

Wilderness Travel Catalog

From the inbox, Wilderness Travel used one of my underwater Galapagos Islands images for a recent catalog cover. Photographed December 11, 2007 near Wolf Island in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador using a Canon EOS-1Ds I and 16-35mm f/2.8 lens. Purchase Fine Art Print  | License Stock Image

Alaska Airlines Magazine

From the newstands, Alaska Airlines Magazine used one of my glacier images from Alaska on a recent cover. Photographed August 2, 2010 at Dawes Glacier along Alaska’s Inside Passage using a Canon EOS-1D IV and 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens. Purchase Fine Art Print  | License Stock Image

Lions Portfolio

The UK’s Daily Mail has published a portfolio of offbeat Lion photographs. Click here to see the entire piece on their blog.

Iceberg Portfolio

London’s Daily Mail newspaper has just published an online gallery of iceberg images. Click here to see the entire gallery.