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Anchorage Daily News Feature

The Anchorage Daily News’s Sunday Arts section featured a portfolio of iceberg images along with a nice profile. I’m pretty sure I never actually said the word “Gosh” in my entire life. But it’s pretty cool to be featured by my former corporate masters. Click here for the full feature.

Corbis Blog Profile

Thanks to the nice folks at Corbis for a profile in their blog. Click here to read the story and check out the gallery of wildlife images.

Corbis Portfolio

Corbis Images recently featured a portfolio and interview about Paul Souders’ travel and wildlife photography to highlight the agency’s Terra Collection. Click to check out the interview

London, England

The last time I wore a tuxedo was for my junior high school prom in 1977. It was green and had ruffles. And I had a full head of hair, parted straight down the middle. The BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards ceremony, held under an enormous dinosaur skeleton in London’s Museum of Natural […]